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We are a business that operates with integrity and excellence. We are more than a credit repair provider, we also link customers to realtors, mortgage brokers, loan officers, insurance providers, retirement consultants and so on. Our goal is to grow and preserve your finances so that you can lead a financially free life. Every employee must adhere to our 4 part mission statement…


Use no deception


Treat every customer as we wish to be treated no matter if they spend $1 or $1000


Increase our knowledge daily to better serve customers


10% of what we earn MUST be used to help others

Recipient of TiE Access Social Impact Grant

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Our credit repair specialists will take note of your financial goals and develop a plan so that you can reach those goals! Learn more about the credit repair process.

We are the meeting place for clients and credit repair specialists.

Are you tired of being scammed or hearing about scams from phony credit repair people?

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I started with this company in August 2018 with a credit score in the low 500's. Today October 2018 my credit score is at 675! Omg, i cant believe it. I thought this could never happen but it did with the help and assistance of 4 ways money credit restoration . The customer service was extrordinary.

Hi I just want to say Michelle who was over my credit restoration services did an awesome job it took basically 3-4 1/2 months because I had a lot of inquiries but she did an awesome job, yet alone she gave me good advice on helping me to a higher balance with my credit card. Yes I highly recommend them! Very reliable and responsive and the rate is very reasonable as well. Don't be afraid to invest in yourself!!! Be blessed

As anything to do with credit and money I was skeptical. I must admit she made a believer out of me. My credit score has improved over 100 points. It feels wonderful to know if something happens I am financially and FICA APPROVED! I have a brand new car and now working on a home. I appreciate that she took the time to offer financial counseling!! I have since referred other non believers that now wants to jump on board. Her Hands and Business are BLESSED! Thank you!!

This company is absolutely fabulous! My credit score jumped up over 150 points in less than 60 days! I was able to qualify for a house! I also took a tour to Europe and my life has forever been changed. They are definitely people you can trust and they work fast.

She was very professional and very honest. What Lexington law the credit company could not even do in 12 month of service. This company completed it in about less than two month. I would recommend this company to anyone.

The were very reasonable on prices and fast friendly and easy to work with. If you have any questions they get back to you in a timely manner and I am really happy with my experience.

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